Saturday, October 18, 2014

A very dark reminder...

Yesterday morning, an 11 years old diabetic girl - the age of my daughter - was found "dead in bed".

We didn't know that girl. She was a member of the extended family of Max's tennis partner. We didn't know what her treatment was. Just that she did not want a pump in August. She must have been on MDI. We don't know what exact circumstances led to her death. Just that she was fine when she went to bed on Friday.

But we know that, on the morning of the most warm and beautiful 18th of October Belgium had known since 1901, she was found by her mother. Cold and gone...

We know very little about her. And yet we know way too much. 

We know what her life of constant worries, checks and constraints must have been. We know how unpredictable Type 1 Diabetes can be. We know how exhausted her mother probably was. We know we can't be tired and forget to check, can't be far and can't be careless or even distracted. We know, if you are lucky enough to have a CGM, you can't afford to miss alerts. We know how it feels to go to bed every night thinking about the sword of Damocles...

My thoughts have been with you all day, little girl. All day.

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