Friday, November 7, 2014

Abbot Libre vs Dexcom G4 - pre comparison pictures.

The FreeStyle Libre has finally landed. 

The comparison should start this week-end. At this point, the plan is

  • to run the sensors side by side for (hopefully) 14 days on Max's arm and do a strict comparison of the results. I am of course interested in the general accuracy of the devices but also by their reactivity to rapidly changing conditions. Since Dexcom hasn't made its new AP G4 algorithm firmware upgrade available to us Europeans, the comparison will be vs the standard G4.
  • to run the sensor on myself to have a look at the communication side of things. Now, RFID is not exactly in my area of expertise, wonders should not be expected.

Menawhile, in the great "unboxing" Internet traditio, a couple of pictures.

Bottom: reader - on top two sensors

Sensor insertion kit.

The reader, charger (550ma) and cable. Pebble for scale.

First setup screen: a decent touchsreen, much better visually than in
this macro shot
Second setup screen
Range definition: bottom limit at 70 mg/dl - max limit not checked
Startup Screen
Overall, a very nice impression. The display and touchscreen feels quite modern compared to the Dexcom receiver. It's not possible to change units (France gets mg/dl - UK and Netherlands get mmol). It's not possible to change the language. The settings include a locked "professional" option.

And, of course, the receiver also acts as a blood strip tester. From a convenience and design point of view, this is very good indeed.

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