Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Abbott Freestyle Libre - Dexcom G4 - sensor wire image

A few shots

Here's a quick shot of the sensor wires. The 9 days old Dexcom sensor is on the left, the Libre Freestyle is on the right. The Libre sensor is shorter, wider, flatter and more rigid. While the Libre insertion is painless, I am not surprised Max could feel it the next day. I am wearing one now (I am not a type 1 diabetic) and I can definitely feel it as well. (magnification 20x - Nikon field microscope)

The Libre sensor wound with the sensor seat impression. Extremely small and clean looking. Remains of adhesive on the right. Much better than the Dexcom's wound and no sign of the small conical tissue growth we often see if we leave a Dexcom sensor 14 days. No trace of allergy or irritation to the adhesive. The sensor was still sticking firmly after 14 days. (100 mm macro shot - Canon 5D MKII)

A 100 mm macro shot of both sensors. The indentation on the Libre sensor was caused by my slightly rough handling.

The sensor adhesion and scarring is definitely a big win for the Libre. The adhesion is certainly helped by the flatter form factor and, consequently, I believe the fact that the sensor doesn't move and doesn't seem to allow water in keeps the wound very neat. It may seem a very minor thing, but since we are going to inflict small wounds on our kids for the foreseeable future, they might as well be very clean.


The expected Texas Instrument chip. The board is powered by a standard Varta V377 watch battery. Tension after 300 reads was 1.57 volts and the battery was apparently still capable of delivering 33 mili-amps (not sure if that last measurement was representative of anything)
FRL 152 H - maybe not similar enough but looks quite close

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