Saturday, November 22, 2014

Abbott Libre vs Dexcom G4 (non AP) - Quick Update

Quick update

The Dexcom site fell out during today's tennis practice, despite a couple of "rescue" tegaderms. The Libre is still hanging on but did also get its additional tegaderm after seven days as the upper edge was beginning to peel a bit. No irritation whatsoever at the Libre site, our usual tolerable slight itch at the Dexcom site after a week (the Dexcom sits on a tegaderm since Max is a bit reactive to the Dexcom's adhesive).

It might be a few days before I have the time to analyze the data and summarize my thoughts. Meanwhile, here is what both sensors thought of the week.

At first sight, there seems to be way to many lows, but this isn't as bad as it seems. The Libre has a minimum low treshold of 70, the Dexcom G4 is set at 60. Some of our lows are sport induced, others are Lantus peak related. None of them were surprise or severe lows. Hanging for long periods around in the 68 to 72 range at the beginning of the night will automatically trigger long periods of lows in the Libre and none with the Dex. On the other hand, the Dexcom will take a long time to recover from a low values.

According to the Libre, the worst period is around midnight, according to the Dex it is around 13:00. It's not incorrect, except for the fact that we want to be around 70mg/dl at 00:00 since we almost always start climb after 2:00. The noon period is a bit more problematic, and not intended: the school schedules introduces hard constraints on our ability to pre-bolus and time the noon meals.

As expected after the first day, the Libre kept running a bit higher (+13 md/dl), on average, than the Dex. We had previously noticed that the Dexcom was also running below our BG meter by 6-7 mg/dl over long periods.

I'll get back with the full analysis some time next week. Meanwhile, have a nice week-end!

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