Saturday, January 3, 2015

Freestyle Libre board image

I've accumulated so much data and information over the holiday period that I think I will dump some of if without too many comments.

Ever wondered what's inside your Freestyle Libre reader? Here's the 43 megapixels answer (click here to download the file from a possibly temporary link). The shell of the reader is glued, it is relatively easy to glue it back together.

It's hard not to be impressed - this is a seriously beautiful board - with a properly attached USB port (something Dexcom G4 users will envy), plenty of test points and the expected chips. 

 Abbott went as far as putting a nice o-ring around its button even if the presence of a strip tester makes water-proofing a bit moot.

Compared to some other medical devices, costing 20 times more, I have taken apart, I can confidently state that Abbott did put a lot of efforts in doing things correctly.

And, just in case you wonder if a Freestyle Libre Reader was hurt during this experiment, let me reassure you: the reader is still 100% functional.

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