Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thank you Jenkins!

My privacy concerns have probably been heard. I won't be unknowingly uploading our glucose history, our treatment choices, our exercise schedule to Abbott's R&D Dallas center anymore.

An update? No, a country block (but someone has forgotten to block the update server, feel free to correct that - I normally use my own software, thank you).

I'll be sure to post a notification if I travel to Germany, UK or Spain so those countries can also be blocked when I travel.

That's what I call nuking an issue...

Maybe I should open a clinic for German endocrinologists in Belgium if they don't want to upload the data and treatment of their patients?

The upload server won't be missed. If I ever become nostalgic, I can always replay my local dumps archive.

And finally, let me repeat once more that another solution, that would make a nice product even better, would be to do the natural thing: ask doctors and patients if they want to share their data instead of... hmmmm. borrowing it.

Anyway, I wanted to thank someone at A. L. and decided, not totally randomly, to thank Jenkins.

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