Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Freestyle Libre smartphone application soon to be available

Victor Bautista of Social Diabetes, a well informed guy if there is one, just told me that an official Freestyle Libre application (CE Mark and all that) is about to be released. Watch this space

The app is not yet available as I write this but looks like a complete port of the Abbott meter software.

[Added after receiving comment] The application is described as powered by AirStrip - while it is not an Abbott application, I can hardly imagine that a credible and "hot" company such as AirStrip (they have developed several FDA and CE approved products) would develop a competing reader by reverse engineering the Libre, reimplement the eventually patented Abbott algorithms and then get CE approval on that basis... all of that without triggering an reaction by Abbott.

[Update 2 - 13/05/2015] the page is now either crashing or not responding. Regardless of what happens, one thing is certain, from the privacy issue, the weird denials, the sensor black market, to the quantum uncertainty surrounding the  CE marked official/unofficial app, one never gets bored with the Libre.

[Update 3 - 27/05/2015] user 'Jennifer' from the CGM in the Cloud Facebook group found the trademark registration by Abbott.
 [Update 4 - 13/11/2015] the LibreLink application has been officially announced by Abbott. Here is the Abbott statement
LibreLink App: We are pleased to announce our mobile app, LibreLink, that will enable people with diabetes to access glucose data directly from their FreeStyle Libre sensor, on their smartphones. Developed by AirStrip, the LibreLink app is the only app approved and certified for use with the FreeStyle Libre sensor. The LibreLink app will launch in Sweden first in November 2015, and will roll out to other European FreeStyle Libre markets in 2016. AirStrip and Newyu, Inc., as well as all relevant authorities, are working to make the LibreLink app available to customers in launched FreeStyle Libre countries, including France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and U.K. in 2016. Countries have different requirements and registration timelines.
Comment: in my opinion, this is actually a good thing. While there has been several attempts at delivering an unofficial third party app, I had mixed feelings about them. One of them, out of Spain, was awful and did not go beyond what had been explained on this blog in 2014. Another one, from Italy, was much better, similar in many ways and possibly better than what my latest experiments had been. This being said, I did not like the quick money grab approach the second application took, the extension of sensor claims (the Libre sensor runs a bit longer than the nominal period, but that's it) and the casual approach to error conditions.

I'd suggest a new name for the program: Schrödinger's App - we'll have to wait for the wave function to collapse to get an answer.

As far as we are concerned...

We are currently running the Dexcom G4 + xDrip and a set custom algorithms. That means that we aren't using the Libre now and don't necessarily plan to get back to it in the immediate future. That being said, the existence of a phone application will probably make the testing of some assumptions somewhat easier.

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  1. Freestyle libre compatible app is already available for Android at google playstore search for "diafyt" smart glucose monitoring app
    iOS scheduled for March 2018 with support for Apple Watch


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