Friday, October 30, 2015

FreeStyle Libre - US blind clinical tests results are in!

Very quick post as the article is in pre-print and may disappear behind a paywall at some point.

I am glad to say that it correlates very well with what I have observed and reported on this blog (drumroll please ;-)). The time delay vs YSI is as it was speculated to be here, approximately 10 mins ahead of what was reported for the non AP Dexcom G4 (4.5 minute +/- 4.8 mins vs previous studies reporting 15 +/- 5 mins for the non AP G4). Accuracy is eerily in line with what was reported. 

Note 1: sometimes, confidence intervals are amusing. The above seems to indicate they can't exclude that your Libre travels through time, guessing your BG in advance. Who knows? It could be the result of the predictive algorithm...

Note 2: this study is clearly aimed at obtaining FDA approval. Based on what is reported, I don't see how the FDA could reject that system. This is also why, probably, I find no trace in that study of a couple of worrying issues that have been consistently reported by users and that I was able to investigate a bit here. 

Anyway, enjoy the paper!

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