Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A plug for a couple of other blogs...

The search for a cure

If you are, like I am, trying to stay informed about the current state of T1D cure research you can either read a lot of scientific papers or visit this near encyclopedic blog

Current Research into Cures for Type-1 Diabetes

Even a nasty old nitpicker such as myself finds very little to complain about in the author's coverage and analysis. As a side note, the conspiracy theorists thinking JDRF actively obstruct the research for a cure should have a look at this page (but keep in mind, as the author explains, that JDRF is not usually the sole or even a constant funding party). 

One caveat though: the blog is slightly depressing because... reality is a bit depressing.

New insulins

Then, since a lot of "advanced" insulin patents have expired or are about to expire, the industry has suddenly become a bit hyper active. A lot of new formulations or slightly modified molecules should hit the market shortly (at what price?) : Olga, from Diabetes Lab has posted a nice summary of what we can expect (or has already been released in some markets).

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