Monday, December 12, 2016

Fraud in the diabetes research world...

Just a very quick post. If you wonder, as I do, why many ground breaking diabetes discoveries never turn into anything concrete, here is a possible reason why...

Dr Kathrin Maedler,  a prolific and widely cited author in the field of diabetes research, JDRF and multiple award recipient has just been stripped of her professorship because of scientific misconduct. She had been under the fire of retraction watch for a while (and retracted or corrected around 15 papers dated back from more than one decade).

Have a look at this very good blog if you want the juicy details

Kathrin Maedler loses Heisenberg Professorship

Kathrin Maedler: persecuted genius or zombie scientist?

PS: Will be back later with some Libre posts: at this point a difficult T1D teen and his term exams interfere...

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