Sunday, February 19, 2017

“Zero Carb” day on a non T1D person

I have already posted a few non diabetic CGM/FGM response patterns to food and exercise and even made my 2014 complete 14 days run available on this blog. In this very quick post, I will simply share the result of a full “strict zero carb” day on a non diabetic (your servant, now almost 54yo). A few BGM test strips were spent to ensure the CGM/FGM was working perfectly. The minimum of 62 mg/dL probably wasn't reached and came in what definitely looks like a prolonged compression.image
I felt a bit dizzy around 15:00. My urinary ketones were positive at 16:00

I will stubbornly avoid discussing my opinions on that type of diet, short term or long term, in adults or kids. A comprehensive review of its issues and merits can be found here (pdf) on the paleomom blog


  1. Pierre, thanks for posting. So Zero-Carb means LowCarbHiFat?
    I read proteins provokes insulin release as well. Does that somehow relate to the ups and downs of your glucose values?
    What do you think about the new (intermittend) fasting trends (Dr. Jason Fung a collegue of you)?

    1. In this case, zero, zero carb. Totally insane. "Low carb" would be 150 times more carbs over the 5-6 days course.
      I have no opinion (well, more correctly I don't express any opinion) on any kind of diet. :)


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